Jade Brooks is from Nova Scotia. She met her pimp at 15 when she was in foster care and he trafficked her through Toronto from age 17 to 19. She never pressed charges. During the school holidays, Brooks would sell herself for sex in a dimly lit massage parlour in North York. “I saw hundreds of clients and I was only a little girl.” She was doing this because sometimes he hit her and once “it hurt so bad it made me throw up.” He told her to get his name tattooed on her body “so everyone can know you’re mine.” She did. The tattoo is now covered by two flowers — but if you look close enough you can still see the outline of his name, branded on her body for life.
 The owner of the Mississauga Gates Inn, who identified himself as Suni, said that young girls are trafficked out of high-end hotels and small motels, like his, every day. “We are kicking these people out like f--king crazy. We are battling the struggle every day,” Suni said.
 Tattooed on to Phoenix's right shoulder is her pimp's street name. Some nights when she gets drunk, she tries to claw it off of her skin. "I gotta cover it up; I hate looking at it," she says, craning her neck to see the tattoo in the reflection of her bedroom mirror. When asked what she's going to cover it up with, she pauses and sits down on her unmade bed. "With a big black heart," she says. "That's what he gave me."
 When Phoenix was trapped in The Game, she wasn’t allowed to sleep until she made $1,000 a day having sex. Sometimes there were up to eight clients a day — ranging from businessmen to labourers, accountants, teachers, doctors, lawyers and soldiers.
 It begins with the boyfriend stage: romantic dates, the illusion of love and the promise of a future, complete with a house they would own together. Then it’s the grooming, the gifts and the hints about how much money she could make working in the sex trade. Finally it comes to the “sale,” where a pimp convinces a girl to prostitute herself and give him all her money.
 Taylor grew up with her parents in Hamilton. She met her pimp at 19 and was trafficked across the GTA for four months. She was lured into the game by a bottom bitch (the slang term for a pimp’s top earner) — and told she would be burned alive if she tried to run.
 A man enters a motel room at the Mississauga Gates Inn on Dundas Street, five minutes after another man exited the same room.
 When Natalie was 23 years old, she was locked in a hotel room and forced to work as a sex slave day and night by her pimp in Calgary. She had to service the early morning businessmen at 7 a.m., and stay awake until the late-night-rush at 3 a.m.. When she was on her period, her trafficker inserted a sponge inside of her and told her to keep working. She made over $30,000 in one month and handed over every cent. "I felt like they had a hold of me from the inside – from my mind," the now 27-year-old said.
 Some of the girls are beaten by pimps — whipped with coat hangers heated up on a stove, punched, choked, burnt and forced to sleep naked at the foot of the bed, like dogs.
 Natalie was forced to have sex with up to 15 men a day. "I felt dirty. And gross. I felt like my skin was dirty. I had to scrub it all the time."
 Matthew Deiaco faces human trafficking charges after allegedly recruiting a 27-year-old woman into the sex trade, forcing her to hand over her profits and assaulting her at gun point. According to police documents, the victim was forced to work as a prostitute in Toronto motels over five days in January and after she escaped he tracked her down and beat her, then held what appeared to be a gun against her head and allegedly threatened: "I'm going to shoot you. Did you think you could leave me?"
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